Eat Smart


Have you ever wondered why many people have an issue with focus? I’ll tell you why. They aren’t eating smart.

Due to the corporate life schedule many have adopted, people have a tendency to eat processed foods with refined sugar and flour, soy, and other chemicals posing as food. Also, most people are eating at the wrong time. So what’s the solution? It’s simple. Eat real food and stop eating at 7pm. This means you’ll have to be mindful about your meals. Eating fast food on the go will no longer be an option. You might even skip dinner or eat something light and nutritious that doesn’t take long to prepare. Curling up with that late night ice cream will no longer hold you hostage to your hormones. Drink some relaxing herbal tea instead. When you start this new way of life, your mind and body might fight you. So show them who’s in charge. Within 7 days, you’ll start feeling brand new.

I look forward to hearing your stories and how you feel once your focus is back. You can do it!

Love and light.

Author: Sherrice Sledge-Thomas

Sherrice Sledge-Thomas is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Herb Culture University. She's known as the Suburban Herbalista because her place of residence along with her life experiences have shaped her unique brand of herbalism. Sherrice's herbal studies are rooted in experiences with her "rootworking" grandmother and a host of wise women in her community. To compliment her grassroots herbalist education, she earned a Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on Women's Studies from The Ohio State University and a Master of Business Administration from Franklin University with a focus on Organizational Leadership and Management. Over the years, she's obtained a variety of certifications in the learning, leadership development, and change management space to compliment her holistic health work. This is the reason many of her certification programs and workshops incorporate elements of strategic planning and execution. Sherrice is the mother of three handsome young men. She enjoys meditation, yoga, and free-spirited dancing.

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